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Maintenance Contract

Service and maintenance are critical aspects to be considered while purchasing a copier. Depending on the workload, the copier may undergo a lot of “wear and tear” over a period of time. Regular servicing and maintenance ensure your copier delivers its capabilities to the optimum at all times. It is important to compare service contracts before deciding the most favourable one.

Services Offered

Cost-per- copy service ( TG )

The service charges are based on the number of copies made. The service covers parts, supplies and maintenance. Low volumes are charged a monthly fee or in addition to the cost per copy.

Annual Maintenance Contract Non Comprehensive ( AMC-NC )

In case the warranty on Somnetics product has expired, customer can still enjoy the comfort of Somnetics Service by purchasing an AMC ( Annual Maintenance Contract Non Comprehensive ) Pack. This will enable Somnetics to take responsibility for the upkeep of the system for the period of one year or depending on the availability


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Our world-class services offer a smart way to protect your equipment, ensuring that your system is always operating at peak performance, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

Together we can develop a solution to maximize system availability, increase efficiency, and meet your budget.

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